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Breath Focus: A Morning Meditation in Nature

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
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7 reflections
My eyes can not relax
I’m able to focus on my breathing for more than just one cycle of breath
A morning meditation
I personally find Dorothy to be a fabulous teacher, the style and manner of her speaking voice ,the gentle concise guidance is exactly what helps me focus and grow.
Morning meditation
So nice to hear her say that when you lose focus that is part of the practice. Just start over taking your deep breaths. Nice reminder not to berate ourself when we are distracted. Accept that it is part of your practice today and begin again observing your breath. Thanks Dorothy!
I live in a beautiful place
I take living in the the middle of nature, in a town where not too many people have the luxury of acres and acres of woods surrounding their house. It is beautiful, quiet and calming and I do not appreciate this gift very often. This is a good reminder that I need to look around during the rush of life.
Meditating in Nature
I love the concept of meditating in nature, I love the sounds of nature. . . babbling brooks, birdsong, wind whispering through the trees. . . and have loved all of the other meditations that have the sounds of nature as a background. That said, the bird chirping, or was it a squeaky porch swing, was really jarring when the meditation began. 😳 Abby, my dog, went from restful pose at my side to lifting her head, startled. I was able to last through the 5 minutes though because, Dorothy, the practitioner, has such a soothing voice. 💫🙏💫
Nature Meditation
Simply engaging mindfulness on your breath and listening to nature is the best way to start your morning. Listening to nature has a calming effect on your soul. It makes you feel great to be alive. Have a great day everyone! ❤️🙏🏻😊
Nature Meditation
This morning I had my practice outside in my backyard. I could feel and smell the crisp cool air and made my focal point a tree in our yard. Starting your day out in nature is a relaxing way to start the day. Dorothy has you mainly focus on your breath which she reminds you that the breath is always there for you when you need it.
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