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Breath Awareness Meditation

4 Min
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Holistic healer and coach
This simple breath awareness practice brings forth that tranquil inner landscape. Find a sense of calm through conscious breathing, cultivating mindfulness, mind-body connection, and relax the nervous system.
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3 reflections
I can do a 3” breath meditation any time
It’s always there is it nit? Breath awareness, breathing and deepening the aware visit in the moment. Movement of breath, breathing in a still body is a gift treasure accessible with little training yet little do I visit during the day it seems. Maybe I should not say that or see it that way. Perhaps I am more conscious. I can stop look into peoples eyes, look up at clouds, take a quick stride in my step and be right back in my breath. And do I want to really count the times or just enjoy the living breathing experience and jet that flow versus tick tock tick tick through my day
Relaxed and at ease
I felt so relaxed after this meditation to the point of catching myself falling asleep again. I’ll definitely be using this one again.
I felt that I carry a great deal of tension through my body, specifically in my upper back and in my toes.
I learned that breathwork, and by extension yoga, are all about being in the present moment and not allowing yourself to leave it by focusing on the past or the future. Focus in the present. It’s the only place you can breathe. I noticed that it is emotionally uncomfortable for me to take very deep breaths that land in my upper chest.