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Breath Awareness Meditation

3 Min
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Body image and emotional eating coach
This simple breath awareness practice brings forth that tranquil inner landscape. Find a sense of calm through conscious breathing, cultivating mindfulness, mind-body connection, and relax the nervous system.
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2 reflections
I can do a 3” breath meditation any time
It’s always there is it nit? Breath awareness, breathing and deepening the aware visit in the moment. Movement of breath, breathing in a still body is a gift treasure accessible with little training yet little do I visit during the day it seems. Maybe I should not say that or see it that way. Perhaps I am more conscious. I can stop look into peoples eyes, look up at clouds, take a quick stride in my step and be right back in my breath. And do I want to really count the times or just enjoy the living breathing experience and jet that flow versus tick tock tick tick through my day
Relaxed and at ease
I felt so relaxed after this meditation to the point of catching myself falling asleep again. I’ll definitely be using this one again.