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Breath as Energy, as Beauty

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
From the community
11 reflections
Power of meditation
Wow!!! I have never practiced a long meditation like this before. I feel the energy pulsating throughout my body yet I feel relaxed. I am at peace yet I feel the need to make important changes in this day. The colors that I saw during the meditation were incredible.. yellows, golds, oranges, reds... the colors of sunrise and sunset. I felt the presence of Spirit... I was one with my God.. how blessed I am today. This is a day of change. Than you
So powerful!!
I could feel my chakras out of alignment and gently moving back towards alignment! I could feel energy within and around me. I am just so at peace, yet so energized! 🦄
Breath as beauty
I really enjoyed this meditation. It was the first time that I tried one of the longer meditations and I loved it. Thank you for helping me in this journey!
Not a complaint, just a note
Even early in the morning, fifteen minutes is just too long of a session in my household. I was interrupted several times by various members of the home. 😡
Breathing through the third eye brought me much peace and I loved seeing the pulsation of purple with my inhale. The gentle reminders for posture were welcome. Very soothing.
Nadir A.
The Force is the opposite of the collapse of the multiverses
If you are full of the force like everyone in here whom are a part of the aura community. Then you can relate to what I’m saying. The force depends on the level of your spiritual batteries. So meditation is crucial for cultivating a great spiritual abundance.
I felt much less tension after this meditation....i needed this 🙏🏾
Powerful 🙏🏽
This meditation was so powerful and helped shift my perspective completely. I feel so much more aligned & centred. I feel grounded and ready to conquer the week ahead. Truly life changing 💚
March 7 2019
my breath is one consistency in my life and it gives me that life to live every day
Beginners Mind
This session is perfect for someone who is new to meditation. Dorothy gives excellent guidance on posture, focusing on your breath with the main focus being on your 3rd eye. For this session I decided to lay down in shavasana pose(corpse pose-yoga) with my palms facing upward. Tuning into my breathing, I focus on my 3rd eye which instantly for me brings me stillness from within. I am feeling centered as well as relaxed. The only thing I did not like about this session was the background music Dorothy chose. The music had a weird spooky vibe to it. However, about half way through it does get a little better.
Precious Life Force
Meditation gives us time to connect our mind to our body. In this meditation, we explore our breath as energy as well as beauty. Because Dorothy gives us many pointers on how to hold our posture and hands while meditating, it is great for people new to meditation. Having said that, because it also has us focus on one-pointedness for some time, our breath, as well as some visualization through our third eye, I find that there is much value into listening for even experienced mediators, as it will deepen their practice. Sitting comfortably, I went inward and began to focus on my breath. Without trying to change my breath, I watched how this body breathed all on its own. While watching this body breathe, I brought some awareness to my posture and noticed I had begun to slouch slightly. I visualized a gold cord attached to my spinal cord pulling me upward to correct my posture. Going back to my breath, I felt the sensations of the rising and falling of my chest and belly with each breath and became memorized by a sense of calmness and peace. Beginning to deepen my breath, I brought my awareness to my third eye and visualized breathing in and out of this area. With each inhale, my third eye opened wide to receive this precious life force to nourish my body. With each exhale, my third eye relaxed to a soft gaze to give this abundant life force back out and into the world. Being fully present for this giving and receiving reminded me of the beauty as breath. Feeling every inch of my body tingling with aliveness reminded me of the breath as pure energy. Feeling this oneness with the breath, I am filled with such beauty and energy. Indeed, I am focused, rejuvenated and energized, yet so peaceful and calm! Whether we are aware of it or not, our breath is our constant companion. When we take the time to connect to this precious life force, we quickly find that there is so much more to life than just ourselves. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
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