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Breath as an Anchor

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
The breath is such a great place to rest the attention, and we can think of it as an anchor, keeping our attention stable in the moment no matter what waves and turbulence is happening in the mind. This takes a bit of practice but it's well worth it - why not start now?
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A Steady Anchor
This meditation is absolutely wonderful for focusing attention on the breath and finding an anchor to use anytime to slow down, focus, and find calm. I began my morning with it, and it really is helping me find my center today.
My anchor
In this meditation Java suggests we return to the breath during the day as we go about our activities. In order to help me do that I listened to this as I was eating breakfast. It helped remind me to come back to my breath while I was eating. I find this very helpful since I tend to eat too quickly and that is not good for digestion. 🌼
Thank you
I am always grateful to be reminded the breath is the anchor to life. I often say this to my students. Let your breath be your anchor when the mind wanders. I know when I am all up in my head there are some “bad” neighborhoods that are best avoided. TAKE THE DETOUR!! “The way to change other’s minds is through affection not fear.” - Dalai Lama And I would add love 💚 not anger. I teach the world needs a LOVE 💕 REVOLUTION. 💙 “The revolution will not be televised.” - Gil Heron Scott
I never visualized the breathe as an anchor but now I get it after seeing the picture of the anchor.
I learnt that it’s all about letting your thoughts go. We hold on too little things for long and as we let go of our thoughts , we are less anxious. We can give our attention to our breathing and the better things in life and not sweat the little things. Better days are ahead of you. Always. Anxiety eventually leaves.
Breath as an anchor
I learned that when I have a few moments, I can close my eyes and focus on the breath. I don't need 20 minutes or more to harvest some of the fruits of meditation.
Awesome ♥️
I felt relaxed and it removed my anxiety. ♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️
Another Day
I learnt that whatever I’m doing right now feels right and I am happy that I put myself first
Breath as anchor
Focusing on breath helps me. But when sitting cross legged on bed, I’m unable to breath in deeply, nor exhale fully. My diaphragm feels compressed. Interesting.
When I was feeling overwhelmed this morning this really helped and I love the analogy for the breath being similar to an anchor. It’s always there and heavy.
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