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Breaking the Cycle of Anxiety

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
Most people are experiencing an increased sense of anxiety in the world. Anxiety can increase physical and emotional illness. Take charge of your life today and join me as we experience ways to quiet the sensations of anxiety. Mindfulness Meditation has proven benefits to reduce anxiety. I invite you to join me on my meditation channel- Heart Space if you would like to practice meditations to reduce anxiety. I am also available for individual sessions at
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11 reflections
In this moment I am safe.
Tapping into how anxiety feels in my body really helped me connect to it and not stuff it or run from it. Stuffing or running excludes learning. It felt freeing to connect to the feel of anxiety. And now I have a reference point to draw on when the feels arise and I can stop to follow it and learn from it, to finally heal it.
This is a helpful meditation for grounding myself and reminding myself that I am safe and the anxiety will pass.
Feeling safe
I never thought about telling my self that I am safe in a moment of anxiety. It felt calming to say it now and to breathe into it. Something I will have to remember and try it at a more anxious time.
I wish I could listen to this practice with no mine was not flooded with thoughts, I being truthful was not listening to a word she freaking said, I hope I can learn next time.
I need to let myself become still without feeling anxious about it. I notice I am constantly moving to soothe my body’s pain. Deep breathing is the key for me to stay in the moment.
my future
I realized I must breathe and stay calm when becoming anxious about future endeavors. Everything works out okay in the end and God has plans for every burden we are met with. College has me anxious right now about proving to myself and the people I know that I am capable. If I remain calm and stable, I will realize what my path is supposed to be.
Tad bit of hope
I learned that the way you breathe can channel those anxious/depressive emotions/feelings & thoughts in a good way
Feeling better now 🍷
I learned that sometimes anxiety and stress just reaches a certain point where it takes over. We’re not perfect, we can’t always be calm. Tonight I had an extremely stressful night at work, lots of anxiety and I feel that I didn’t deal with it very well. We updated our micros software just recently and I was doing just fine with it. But tonight everyone ordered off a different menu that I wasn’t familiar with and it was really complicated and everyone was too busy to help me. I was literally stuck there by myself for a long time as my station filled up with people that needed me, total drag. But I’m home now and I had half a glass of Merlot and I feel a little better after this meditation session. Thanks 🙏💙
Just What I Needed
This practice is just what I needed at this moment at work. I was starting to get anxious-I realized I was barely breathing-almost like I was holding my breath. This meditation was so helpful. I stopped and had to breathe and pay attention to my breath and also notice how the anxiety felt in my body. It was so helpful to do this practice, and say, “I am safe.” I can now move on, and I can only do my best today at work.
How to feel
Everything’s going to be okay we just need to take a time to relax and focus on our breathing, then our anxiety is going to calm down ❤️
Anxiety attack
When my anxiety comes on my stomach gets sore & my stress level goes up that When I do my de stress therapy & relax & don’t do anything else but de stress myself & have my me time to my self & write my journal
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