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Breaking the Burnout Cycle

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Life Coaching
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Karina Antonopoulos
Highly Sensitive Person Life Coach
Burnout is the feeling of, “I don’t care anymore and I don’t want to do this.” It is the feeling of wanting to give up, even when there is a part of your heart that still cares so deeply. Join me in breaking the burnout cycle as we explore important questions that will help create a new pattern and course correct your path in life. In this track, we will revisit your 5 Basic Needs, the needs that serve as the primary core practices that will allow for a strong foundation to build your life upon.
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Such a helpful precious guided meditation when you’re going through burnout, exhaustion, grief, anxiety and work or family issues. Saved in my favorites! Thank you
Breaking the Burnout Cycle
I appreciate not spending time rehashing what my symptoms are. I already know that. ;-) The causal situations mentioned are spot-on for me and affirm where I am. Better to hear more about trying to feel better! Grateful.