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Lauren Ziegler
Sleep Coach and Yoga Therapist
This is a motivating session for working through the thing that's holding you back. We use the metaphor of a boulder in the center of your room that you keep ignoring. Your boulder may be perpetuating past thoughts, limiting beliefs, fears or doubts. It makes sense when it was created, but now it's just a boulder in the center of the room that obstructs the view and doesn't let light in. Choose what you're going to do to clear the way once and for all. Decide to change your life for the good. Photo by Ian Beckley from Pexels
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11 reflections
Fake it
Until I make it... that's the best I have for now but at least I'm trying 😊
It helped me form a visual in my mind for picturing a problem.
With time the Boulder can be moved or worn down. The problem can be solved.
Wonderful analogy
We create our own boulders without even realizing it and we have the power to change it.
This is exactly what I needed today. I have been working through some internal emotional blocks, or boulders, and this provided me with a bit of extra support. It helped to remind me that while these boulders or blocks are a mix of my and my environments making, they can also be moved and dismantled by me. The power is mine and in my control. This is my one precious and small life and it's time I allowed the light to shine fully and brightly upon it once more. Thank You!
I'm going to learn to let go of the things that are killing me slowly from the inside. I want to be alive again.
I can make a change even if I am used to the discomfort by realizing it is there instead of ignoring it.
Boulder of Anxiety
With the help of the Holy Spirit inside me I can remove this boulder from the room. I give it to God so I can live a free life.
I choose
I don't always have to be perfect every minute of the day. Acknowledge the stress and the worry and choose to make a change. I choose to let go!!
Second Meditation
I learned that I should stop worrying as much as I am because it's obstructing the opportunities in my life that I would otherwise be able to grasp easily.
I liked what she said about boulders. I've recognized this before, that there are ways that I feel now about myself, my life, my world, that trouble me and that dictate my life. I feel like these have always been here with me. I can't remember when they didn't exist or if they ever didn't exist, and I feel they are a part of me. They obstruct my view, like a boulder in the center of the room. But I live with them, I build my life around them. I like to hear from someone else that I can move these boulders and see more clearly. I constructed them, and can deconstruct them. I did not like that she told me to focus on my breath and then started talking. I can't do both!
I was having a lot of stress and anxiety about different situations in my life today and it was really wearing on me. So when I listened to this, I never imagined it would hit home for me. I concentrated to getting rid of those boulders wearing me down. After this, I felt so much better!!