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Body Sweep to Release Energy Blocks

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Suzie Brown
Mindfulness & Insight Meditation Teacher
When we're anxious, stressed or angry our body tenses up and energy gets blocked in the upper parts of the body (head, neck, shoulders, chest). This body sweep meditation will help you drop down and release this blocked energy to feel free again.
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8 reflections
Today was something I’ve never experienced before. today was filled with emotions of stress, pressure, anger and frustration. Today was something I wouldn’t wish for my worst of enemies. Today was the worst. But then I remember. Today, was yesterday. It’s gone. Now today is tomorrow, and I’m ready for this journey.
I learned that my mind is very powerful and able to move the anxiety and tension right out of my body. Thank you for creating a practice that enabled me to learn this about myself.
I noticed that
My mind was wandering off all over the place! I didn’t get enough sleep last night and I think I might have been dreaming during parts of this session.🥴For me, this would definitely be better as a bedtime routine.
I learned that letting the blocked energy flow out of my toes is an amazing release and extremely freeing. This mediation is a favorite.
My head aches. This meditation guides to connect with my body, imagine the energy like something very concrete, then get rid of the negative energy part by part following my breath. Now I feel better.
Visualizing myself as a ball of dough on a lightly floured surface and Suzie’s voice as a rolling pin, I became aware of the tension and pent up energy in my body. Beginning right to left at the top of my head, she began to roll and flatten me out inch by inch, releasing any and all of the air bubbles I had acquired by being bunched up. As she continued on rolling me out, I could feel these air bubbles begin to pile up in other areas. By the time she reached the end of my dough, I let out a big sigh of relief. Being completely flattened now, she rolled over me a few last times to make sure all of my air bubbles were released. Feeling loose and released of any and all air bubbles, I am now ready to rise to any occasion! Thank you, Suzie! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️
I learned that my stress, anger, sadness, happiness, peacefulness all coincide. Today was one of those days, I woke up happy ready to conquer the day with, virtual teacher conferences, zoom meetings, working from home, getting kids to and from school, tutoring, dancing classes for both... then anger, frustration, exhaustion hit! Tears of too much homework, arguing about baths, going to bed at a decent hour, who will do the laundry, dishes and pack for the next unexplainable day. I turned on my mediation and took a bath. It brought me to a sense of peace, a feeling that I must say I MISS VERY MUCH LATELY. I am thankful for having my moments of peace today but will this last until tomorrow? Unexplainable ...... mystery...... where is normalcy again ..... Kristin
I learned that a lot of my pain comes from emotional and energetic tension.