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Body Sink into Sleep

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This meditation helps the body prepare for sleep by sinking into the bed.
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11 reflections
Nadir A.
Noticed the oneness of us all.
If we have genetical memory. Then there is a higher collective memory. Which means taping into it will make you aware of other memories that are uploaded there.
This was amazing
My legs were tingling a lot, I think this made me high. All jokes a side, I highly recommend this if you can't sleep, AMAZING!
Very hard to relax
I don’t think 3 min is long enough for this meditation. I’m having a hard time relaxing, it’s a great meditation, I wish it was longer.
This made me feel more comfortable and relaxed because I normally have a very hard time sleeping
This app is amazing and this is probably my favorite meditation
Body Softening
Focus on your breathing and notice how with every exhale, your body softens. As your body softens, you feel yourself sinking more and more into your bed. Your body is relaxed and your mind is at ease. You are ready to drift off into a deep sleep. Good Night! 😴
Sleep eludes
I wish I could go ahead and relax into some sleep tonight. Pretty keyed up. Facing a big day tomorrow, but worried after a weird day today. I collapsed at a BBQ this afternoon, and am supposed to chaperone my youngest daughter’s class to a beach tomorrow to explore tide pools. I'm none too certain I’ll be able to handle this. So I'm fretting and not winding down.
3 minutes simply isn’t long enough. I’ll have to find something longer for those times I wake up in the middle of the night.
I find it helps to think of something to make you happy like eating candy or fresh mountain spring water or just ice water you buy at the storeRight before you go to bed also keeping yourself will fit and having a good breakfast and some people believe like me Believe also other people believe that breakfast should last all day sometimes night in the afternoon to. One more thing to make sure not to do things to strenuous things not to make you so tired putting all your energy in one thing it’s really not good for youHave to separate your energy and power two different things and objects all around you basically find other things you energy can do like what you have fun with doing just try not to put all of your energy into it. And just relax by doing it a little bit at a time antique multiple breaks in between.
Letting Go
As you progress with this meditation and potentially repeat it, I have found that it’s useful to let go of things that occurred during the day with your exhalation. As you let go of each part of your day, you sink further into the peace and comfort of your bed.
I just need to stay sober and focus on what really matters. Every situation I’ve ever been in that has been negative has involved alcohol. I’m willing to be the best that I can be this year and I will do it and nothing is going to stop that.
Sleep Goals
Woooow, like my body really did sink and steady into my bed.
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