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Body Scan Release for Sleep

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Often we hold tension in our bodies from a stressful day, and by simply noticing kindly where it is, that brings about some release. When we feel more relaxed in our bodies, sleep is easier. Sweet dreams!
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Relax muscles
I find this helps also if you sampling inhale exhale in other words breathe in and out about five times deep breath’s turn key five when you breathe in and hold it then exhale slowly next listen to some thieves been focusing music get in your favorite comfortable position also during the day remember to go get a massage your feet that’s where of the tension goes most of the day also the temples on your brain head in the palms of your hands in back of your hands also forms and your muscle on your muscles shoulders especially Nick make sure you drink plenty of water during the day to and make sure you have a good breakfast lunch and dinner and always include dessert and snacks all through the day One last thing make sure you at least eat five peppermint today.
I learned I hold onto a lot of stress. I learned how to breathe and relax and let things go. I learned to focus on the sounds and learned to take inventory of how I'm feeling.
i learned that due to tension we overthink a lot and in that process we dont let our mind to relax and have a good sleep
Body scan
It's truly wonderful to notice that being aware of our body while focusing on the breath is amazing.
Melt Away Tightness and Tension
Melt Away Tightness and Tension; I enjoyed this and could notice my tension melt away as I recognized it and let it go. It’s nice to go through the whole body. I can always use a reminder to lower my shoulders.
Release for sleep
Need to relax more and release some stress today. Very tired today and didn’t sleep well last night.
Body was relaxed
My body was relaxed when I woke up
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