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Body Scan Meditation

11 Min
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Milan “Vee” Vracaric
Breathwork and Meditation Teacher
Check your body for disbalances. By doing this practice regularly, you will develop a very intimate relationship with your body, and you will become a lot more sensitive to your body's signs; if you need more rest; if there may be something that needs healing, etc. Being able to truly listen to your body, you can understand its needs better and prevent a certain illness in the early stages by feeling that there is something wrong. Then you can either adjust your lifestyle or go to your doctor for a check-up.
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2 reflections
Very emotional
This meditation found a block in my solar plexus and instant tears fell down, I let it happen and once it was over I felt truly released. I will be using this meditation many more times, thank you.
Body scan notes
This session really helped me feel centered and grounded on a day that my diaphragm is out of balance.
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