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Body Scan

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Mark Quirk
Mindfulness teacher
This calming practice helps us connect with and build awareness of our body, as well as training our attention as we continually focus and re-focus throughout the scan. This practice can be done lying down, as well as sitting or standing.
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4 reflections
At peace
Today has been up & down & all around. Living in the moment, feeling my body, and resting has bought me inner peace. So thankful for this meditation.
Puppet on a String
By focusing on each small segment of my body, I was able to acknowledge the sensations of each one quite separately, not as a whole, which is my usual. I felt totally relaxed. This 20-minute meditation was perfect for a very mindful session. Thank you. 🙏🌷
I don't like performing body scans😢
They make me concentrate on areas of my body where I experience discomfort due to the aftermath of my massive stroke. Areas I’d just as soon ignore. My left leg fell so ”asleep” earlier that I could barely stand up and walk! I still have a couple of weeks before I contact my neurologist to follow up about the medication he prescribed to try and lessen the ”dead” ”pins-and-needles” feelings I get in my legs, arms, feet and hands. I'm pretty sad about this deterioration...
Body scan
I learned body scan is easier for me than mindfulness of thoughts or breathing alone, with some caveats. I almost fall asleep, and I do get a restless feeling toward the middle/end and tend to twitch to get out of it. Perhaps lying on a mat would be better.