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Body Scan

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A mindful body scan gives us the rare opportunity to experience our body just as it is, in this moment. It allows us to feel connected with ourselves, grounded and relaxed. Many of us carry so much tension in our body and it's not until when we tune into it, that we can start to let go of everything that is weighing us down. 
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I learned that I don't like change. I learned that whenever there is going to be a change in my life I get anxious no matter what it is. Whether it's going back to school or even if it's the last day of school. I get anxious.
body scan
being aware of and listening to each part of our bodies can help us live better Your body speaks to you loud and clear all you have to do is listen pay attention and then act accordingly
Body and mind
Beautiful way to start your day,concentrate on your breathing, relax and focus on your body and mind 😊
Just as I was guided to be mindful of any sensations in my relaxed feet, one of my cats attacked my bare foot- that was a definite sensation! Have a great day. Namaste