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Sandrine Cranswick
Mindfulness Teacher & Coach
We often live in our heads, unaware of the messages the body gives us. The Body Scan offers a gentle way of bringing the mind in the body, noticing our bodily experiences with curiosity and kindness, in the present moment. This practice can done sitting or lying down.
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Oxygenate 😮💨
By staying focused on breathing and sending that breath to different parts of my body I could eventually experience relaxation and tingling throughout my body. I was very focused on breathing and giving my body the oxygen it needs. It makes the blood flow and improved my circulation. I haven’t been getting enough cardio exercise and I can really feel it causing pain in my hands, feet and legs. The only place I continually felt tension was my neck, it been a problem area lately.
Body scan 13 minutes
An exquisite journey of body scanning ..relaxing .... calming with great clarity.
staying focused on your body and keeping a clear mind makes this a beautiful experience.
I felt like I slowed down the chaos around me and felt so peaceful
Calm and Confident
Before starting this meditation, I was very stressed. More specifically, this was the first time I had felt this much stress in weeks and the first time I had cried out of stress in weeks. I searched for a meditation that would calm me down, and this is what I found. Halfway through the meditation, I felt much calmer. The speaker’s voice soothed me. This is different from any other body scan I have tried, as the meditation doesn’t follow the typical top to bottom pattern. After the meditation, I felt so much more relaxed and ready to take on the tasks awaiting me. I felt confident and powerful.