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Body and Breath (12 min)

12 Min
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Pasha Lyndi
Movement, Meditation, Nature, Sleep
Looking to unwind? This body scan and breath-awareness
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10 reflections
Ah. I found it.
My wife and I meditate together in the morning before work and together again before bed at night. Sometimes the teachers' voices on Aura are difficult to hear, speaking so quietly and breathily as to be misunderstood. My wife and I find ourselves leaning in, trying hard to ascertain what the guidance is, falling out of awareness and the breath. Also, the meditations tend to be short, which can be nice during the day when I don't have longer sitting sessions, but I often want longer sessions so that I can really develop the sitting and breathing practice. This meditation has everything I've been looking for: a teacher who speaks clearly and with volume, a longer meditation, with the main focus being on the breath and developing awareness. I saved this meditation to return to it again. Thank you, teacher, for your good work.
Wonderful, clear guidance that I have saved and will return to. Especially appreciated the quietly understated invitation to the bell / bowl in this one. I love following the voice to the very end. Thank you.
Body and breath
First time doing this meditation. I hoped it was one for bedtime. It was nice though.
Body and breath
Each day as I do the body scans, I become more aware of tensions and pains within my body and how they change day by day. I am learning to relax my muscles at a very deep level. Doing this helps to reduce muscle pain..
Feeling wonderful
I felt so good after this one. I will repeat it for sure. Thank you.
Body & Breath
12 minutes sure does fly by. I still wound up listening to the end while gently dusting my printer. I want to repeat this meditation tonight, after everyone is (I hope) in bed and my day’s to-do list isn’t clanging for my attention!
Simply Being
Laying on my couch with a soft gaze outside our living room window watching the unexpected rain outside, I listen to Lyndi’s soothing voice guiding me to check in with each part of my body as I am focusing on my breath. I acknowledge any sensations I am feeling which my lower back as well as my left side is feeling a little tight and achy. After acknowledging, the tight and achy feeling I could feel that tension leaving my body. Towards the end of this session, the focus becomes on the aliveness you are feeling while you are breathing. Switching to a diaphragmatic breathing technique, I could feel my body become rejuvenated with new energy. I am grateful for the unexpected rain for giving me this extra unexpected time for myself. When this session ended, the rain also stopped, and now the sun is back out. Perfect timing. I am feeling refreshed.
Body and Breath
This meditation was sooo beneficial since I took a tumble on Monday sustaining bruised ribs and a cut above my eye. I was encouraged to be able to breathe deeply without pain for the first time in a few days. Sitting quietly and giving thanks for your gentle guidance was just what I needed. Namaste 🙏
Return to calm
I feel a tremendous sense of calm and being centred. Thank you!
Slightly More Playful and Cheerful
I noticed very little change before and after this meditation, though this may be due to the many thoughts flying around my mind. The only changes to my mood are new feelings of playfulness and cheerfulness. This meditation may have had greater effect if I were less distracted.
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