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Blowing Out The Birthday Candles

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Sean J Stevens
Meditation Coach & Spiritual Ally
Deep breathing is an important part of reducing stress and anxiety. The fun visualization of birthday candles and the deep breathing of this exercise doubles as a powerful relaxation technique to switch your brain out of its anxious thoughts and feelings and soothe you into a calm, relaxed state.
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I feel a lot calmer. I decided to go onto this app because Maysie wasn’t feeling well and I started to get anxious about it. When I just breathed, I felt a lot better about my situation then when I was focused on the circumstance. Amanda would be proud of me lol. I wish I was was able to control my anxiety better, but I can’t. This is something that I need to acknowledge and learn how I can better control my anxiety, or at least lessen it like this. Thank you for finding this app so that I can be a better person and help me with my mental disorders WHICH HAVE YET TO BE DIAGNOSED…but whatever. Guess I’ll never really know if I had an anxiety disorder or depression or whatever. Wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up having both. Then I’ll be laughing in my moms face about how wrong she was about my mental disorders. She always thought that my anxiety levels were normal, but I know that they’re not. Whenever I have them, it can get in the way of me sleeping, eating and even living. But u know…I’m just a kid, so what do I know?
Monica Cornett
This app helps my depression and it helps me to stay calm and relax and not get too angry
There are so many things in life to love and enjoy like meditation hypnosis and other ways to channel my anger
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