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Blissful Feelings on Tap

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Arielle Margalit Hecht
Spiritual Teacher
This guided meditation was recorded live, and is an experience of bliss on tap. You are gently guided in remembering the inner light of yourself and your Divine Connection. Naturally, you begin to feel the stream of bliss and peace that flows, as you remember your spiritual truth. As you bathe in this remembrance, bliss flows unending, as though “on tap.” Oceans of love and bliss to you.
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3 reflections
Resting in Stillness
Bringing awareness to my breath, my body and mind settled into stillness. As everything around me seemed to slow down, I felt an immense sense of peace awaken in my heart and knew I had connected with Source. Receiving an outpouring of bliss from Source, all of the petty things that had been interfering with connecting with my true nature washed away. Purified, full of bliss and peace, I sensed what really matters in this life. It isn’t about getting somewhere. It is about being fully present where I am. This is where creativity can flourish. Knowing I am right where I am meant to be, I take these blissful feelings on tap with me wherever I go. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Mary Jane
I found it. Thank you. I so was looking for this place. Beautiful place to be in. As I lay me down to sleep I am going there again. Bless you for simply showing me how to get here. I feel the showering of the Divinr love.
Walter J
Thank you for helping me to remember I can turn on my Bliss tap anytime I choose. I initially came from a bliss-full rest in my mother and my body will ultimately return to a bliss-full rest when I am done here. So why not experience a bliss-full day every day while I am here? (If your mind cannot accept that as possible at the very least, we can & should experience some bliss every day!) When I really think about it, what is so important that I would allow it to severe my Bliss connection with my Divine Creator?!? (Any answer is basically an earthly distraction - like the original one from Lucifer) Remembering this, I take a long… deep breathe… focusing on the Love & Light & Bliss-full memories of my perfect weekend - yesterday at the pool & the day before at the beach - and I invite these bliss-filled vibrations/feelings back into my mental soundtrack for today… I love the idea of my ability to choose to open the tap to allow bliss to pour into my day at any time… but I must choose to remember to turn it on (until it becomes a habit & I do it automatically! -yes that is possible) ❤️🚰🍀
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