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Blind Men & the Elephant

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This Zen story reminds us of how our perspectives are limited.
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Walter J
I use this story quite often to help others see there is more to the story than their version of things. We get wrapped up in our versions of life and forget there are others raised with entirely different but totally true versions from their pony of view. But in the end we are all just “seeing” a different side of the same elephant. This is where we must learn patience to have an open mind and listen to what others have to say. The more we allow everyone to share their insights the better the overall picture we collaboratively create and hopefully the better we all will understand!! ❤️☮️🍀
Blind men
I think my mind is too busy this morning. I understood the story as none of the blind men are right or wrong in their description bc they cant see it? In that way maybe our descriptions, beliefs aren’t right or wrong either bc we might actually be “blind” to them. Either way, none of us are right or wrong.
Day 7
I think that the lesson in this story is about perspective. One man see the elephant as a rope, one sees a cloth. That’s because one is using the tail as an example and one man is using the ear. It’s all in the way you look at it. “The world changes when we change our perspective.”
I learned that people view life differently from their own views of the world and each and every one of them is correct, so we must not judge.
Clea Chloe
Perspective is an interesting thing
We think we know what we see and what we hear. Where we are in our lives depends on perspective. We are happy, we are sad, we are excited to live in the moment or dwell on the past. It is our choice. Our choice to be in the moment and appreciate all that surrounds us.