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Blessed and Full of Light

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Arielle Hecht
Spiritual Connection Teacher
As we connect with the Divine, we fill ourselves with peace, with light. The more we link our hearts and minds with the One, the more we're able to transform and heal. This meditation is an opportunity to connect spiritually and to feel full of light. Naturally, you become a blessing of light for all of life.
From the community
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Marques Pizarro
Light House
I learned that by meditating and being aware of our true self, we can tune in with gratitude, happiness, and bliss. Like a lighthouse, we can guide others across the rocky coast. Most importantly, we can find our own path, our own direction. Beautiful session for peace, clarity, and presence.
Cherish the Light
Slow down to recognize and appreciate the extraordinary ligh shining within each of us. Namaste