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Bite Size Meditation : Gratitude

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Michelle Swerin | The Mindful Regulation Therapist
Create Space Health Therapist | LPCC
Bite-Size Meditation series features different value-based and brief experiential meditation techniques that allow you to experience this valuable practice in bite-size. This meditation features gratitude, visualization, and mantra.
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2 reflections
I’m learning to let go of the things that stress me out
I’m learning to let go of the things that stress me out the most the most stressful thing right now that gets me is my dad and I talked to him today I learned that when I meditate I can just bow my head and just relax and not be as stressed as I was before and I have noticed that when I meditate the lord is always helping me make sure I feel at peace and quiet and I love that he promised to get me a Bluetooth speaker and a blue piggy bank for my birthday and I’m learning to just relax and stay calm and be at peace
I am meditating because I’m either okay or tired
I’m meditating because I’m either okay or tired of being where I wanna and I do take deep breath’s and relax and stay calm everything like that I think about things like the lord and what I did today I feel at peace I feel less stressed out and sometimes I feel like god’s with me and I feel like I’m sad and kambrisha is following me wherever I go I do feel like the color blue is the thing I think about I like to chew my gum that relaxes me and calms me down and I do meditate too
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