Hypno for weight loss
I felt deeply relaxed. Very deeply relaxed! At the end of the session my arms felt super heavy and a bit of a small chore to pick them up! I'm not sure the message will necessarily prevent me from having a few Oreos with coffee after dinner, but I will try to stop those old habits. During the session I became very aware of myself in a different way than usual.....a heightened awareness of my body habits. I let my mind follow the commands to fall deeper and deeper and still deeper but I was also aware of what was going on around me. And yet, I felt I was somewhere else! There were so many colors exploding before me, all around me. Some of them burst into very bright lights while the others......well, it was like I was floating down, down, down, deeper into puddles of intense water colors! I've never been hypnotized before. I've always thought of myself as being immune to it for some reason. I've tried what I've thought of as a form of self-hypnosis, having no actual knowledge of the process, before, and sometimes felt relaxed. Not sure I was actually hypnotized but, whatever. Not sure a person can be hypnotized from a recording. But "something" happened to me during this session.