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Best Day Ever

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
Wanna have the best day ever? Well, this meditation practice has magical superpowers that will help you to align with your highest potential through each waking moment today. So press play, breathe deep, and embody your awesomeness fully.
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11 reflections
Make it memorable
I really enjoyed this meditation as it made me think about how I am living my life at present and how would I live today if it was my last and I knew it...what would I do differently? How would I think, react, treat people, treat myself? How do I hope to be remembered? Would I be thought of as I hope? I think there are always things I need to work on and I had better continue doing so. Great meditation.
Gratitude for life
I loved this meditation because of the upbeat music and the voice of the guide. I really learned that waking up in this beautiful body, in this beautiful town, in my cozy and cute studio apt is a gift and I cherish this gift today. I also learned to live today as if it’s my last day on planet Earth, making sure I spread kindness, compassion, and smiles to all the people I come across. Thank you 🌿
Cyndee 🌊
What a boost!
I’ve had trouble getting motivated to start my day and go outside to get some fresh air before I head out to work. I got off work early last night and stayed up late rearranging furniture in my living room and dining room, cleaning and I bought new Christmas decorations for my apartment. I didn’t get to the point of trying to sleep until about 3:30 AM. After listening to this meditation session I feel very charged and ready to go. I will member this one for the future. Thanks for the boost! Namaste
Positive Energy
The first part of my day I have a few things I’m not looking forward to having to take care of. I have a feeling I will be facing bumps in the road which at the moment I’m okay with that. This meditation is very uplifting. I enjoyed the voice and upbeat music. Great way to start the day!
Positive New Day
I have a few things to take care of mid morning and early afternoon that I am dreading doing. My thoughts are racing and I have a pit in my stomach. However, listening to this meditation has helped slow down those thoughts and has eased the tension I feel. I have gratitude for another day. I will focus on my breath and fill up my body with positivity and get through this.
How do I want to show up?
I learned that I have to give life to the 70 trillion cells in my body to fill myself up in order to show up
Most positive and motivated meditation I have had! Thank you!
To be energetic and cheer up for every day! But I really feel the requirement for writing more words for feedback is not necessary
Best. Day. Ever!!!
To show up every day as though it were my last. To be grateful for the ones who make me smile. To love abundantly.
Best day ever
Loved this meditation. Loved the music and the guiding voice. It really put me in a good mood. Just remember if it’s the last day of your life what would you do. Love it.
Who knew?
I have never thought of sitting with electronica, but after this I’m definitely checking it out. I’m at 20 mins so far, aiming for 30. Like sit ups, aim for 75, hit 50. Anyone know about TM?
What is called “music” in this “meditation,” is extremely distracting !!! 😞
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