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Belief (Affirmation/Whispers)

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David Hughes
Relaxation & Sleep Music Composer
My aim with this music was to bring together compelling words of self-belief, some ASMR whispers, a soothing piano melody, and blend it all into a composition that offers a completely new and restorative musical experience. I hope very much that you find the result uplifting and engaging. It is said the repetition of a mantra encourages the mind to enter a more focussed state. It's not necessarily the chosen mantra that does the work, but the energy, intention, and vibration created as you repeat the phrase, which can put you on the path towards greater self-awareness, reduced levels of stress, a sense of calm, and increased self-belief.
From the community
4 reflections
I felt hopeful!
Through intentional time with positive affirmations I can feel hopeful.
Very calming , just really enjoy the melody! With positive mantras ❤️
So calming and relaxing!
Loved this piece, it was beautiful and made me feel relaxed.
I am… Calm Strong Aware Thankful Enough Listening to these mantras along with the beautiful background music,a deep feeling of gratitude washes over me. I am grateful for how far I have come along on my journey. Letting this feeling sink into my being, I am ready to begin my day feeling positively energized. My inner light is shining bright. May my inner light shine brightly to reach anyone who needs their inner light lit.