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Being With Sadness

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Kristy Arbon
Somatic Self-Compassion Creatrix
Spending some time with our sadness. It is a part of us, and it means we care. Sadness will leave on its own - we don't need to push it away. How is it to honor your sadness at this moment? Photo by Volkan Olmez on Unsplash
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9 reflections
Acknowledging Sadness
Something devastating happened earlier this week and I have been an emotional wreck ever since. Feeling sadness isn’t something we like to feel so most of us, including me, have fought this emotion when it appears. Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, we all experience this emotion of sadness from time to time in our lives. In this meditation, Kristy guides us through this time of experiencing this sadness and invites the idea of even savoring this very raw and exquisite emotion. Trying to acknowledge sadness, my first instinct was to fight it. However, I have learned that fighting this emotion can quickly change to feeling anger. Feeling anger doesn’t make anything better and more so, the sadness is still present once the anger leaves. Realizing this wisdom, I sat with my sadness. Kristy began to explain why I feel sadness and perhaps should even savor sadness. As she says, feeling sadness means I care. It means I love and it means that I also feel the terrible loss I have abruptly experienced in my life. Thus, I shall savor this emotion because it shows that I am a caring and loving person. She goes on by saying that sadness gives us depth by helping to make us a multifaceted human being. Emotions come and go. Sadness is an emotion and therefore, it too shall pass in its own due time. In the meantime, I need to comfort myself as I continue to acknowledge, allow and ‘just be’ with this emotion of sadness.
I feel a sense of loss, a good reminder that it is okay to feel this way and not to push it down
Be with it and not to pretend that I am not feeling this way. I am sad and it is okay - don’t try to push the emotion away and when it’s time, it will go away
It’s ok to sit with your sadness
It was reassuring to allow myself to validate my emotions - that sadness is a sign of being a caring human being.
I learned that. It will go on it's own. Today I am feeling anger. So, when I speak words like I am feeling angry, automatically the situations comes up. I feel angry on my mother and it changed to, I feel angry on my self, as I am unable to communicate with my mother and father. I am unable to respond to all the love and birthday wishes I received, and also do not feel rush or wish to do something for someone else's birthday. I feel anger because I feel that I am unable to be a good person, a good friend, good daughter, good sister good sex partner, more over. I am unable to be good companion to My body
I heard that I don’t have to push it. Sadness will go away on its own!
I felt sadness all around and in my body
I learned to fight it with all my body and strength and deal with it more wisely Yes that’s it
It means I’m alive, compassionate and aware of the ability to feel sad. So much loss, expecting more loss.
Being with Sadness
I feel sadness because I CARE…and was reminded that Sadness can feel pleasant
I feel too sad to normalize it and it’s coming from my son’s mental health and I can’t reach him in any way
I feel too sad to normalize it and it’s about my son’s mental health and I can’t reach him at the moment he has no capacity for me so I’m just sad and helpless I learnt It will pass but I’m not sure if that is so
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