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Being with Anger-Transformation, Healing

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
How can mindfulness help with anger responses? We experience anger most often when we feel threatened in some way, it can be physical, emotional, or spiritual. We all experience angry moments throughout our lives, it is a common human emotion. Lately in our world anger seems to be very visible. When there is so much anger in the news and in our lives it is challenging to not get caught by it. Let's discover together... ***See my meditation channel Heart Space for the accompanying meditation
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11 reflections
Lesson I need to learn
I’m an angry old man now. My reactions scare me at times. I absolutely need to learn better ways to deal with my daily anger!
I have anger issues because I am a failed perfectionist and have trouble letting go. I’m too emotion
I need to pause and think body mind heart sprit- where am I feeling my anger
Being with Anger
The space between the stimulus and the response is important. This is where we have power to be aware and choose our response. Using that power to choose a healthy appropriate response gives us freedom. It is important to have power over our responses and use it wisely instead of habitually reacting. This is how we learn, grow, and set ourselves free.
Ten Months Later
Still angry a lot of the time, but I have a whole new bunch of things to be angry about! I suppose, in the long run, I'm mostly angry with myself! I guess I let myself get into the situation I find myself in. My poor choices years ago have colored my life now. 🥺 I have been and can be better. Instead of grieving everything everything I've lost, I need to embrace who I am now, how I am now. Fore, my health, and my family.
Walter J
Cindy gives some great pointers on how to deal with our emotions by feeling and really experiencing them, instead of stuffing them back down, ignoring them or fearing them. Huh!? Who knew it might just be easier going through them & riding them out, than fighting them... I might just get angry tonight and try it out! JK - but what she is suggesting does make sense! Thanks Cindy & my Brother (from another mother) Matthew for uncovering this session today! ❤️😤🍀
Recognizing anger!
Just being able to recognize when anger arises is a good start to coping with anger. If we can see the anger as it arrives we can simply begin to act accordingly!
Emotions need to be heard
Anger in of itself is not wrong, or less favorable, or worse than other emotions. It is a feeling rooted in an often very personal cause. Recognizing and honoring the anger and the cause as legitimate will bring out a resolution-focused response rather than a hurtful reaction.
It’s ok to be angry
It’s ok to be angry, I am allowed to feel it... but I don’t have to let it take over me and damage things around me. I can take a moment to choose my response and don’t have to be ruled by my emotions, I am truly in control
When feeling angry it is important to pause for a moment to acknowledge what you are feeling as well as listening to the messages it is sending to your body. Studies have shown that holding in anger increases heart disease. I am guilty of letting anger take over my whole well being and just letting it brood. This is something I need to work on. When we learn how to respond to anger in a healthy way rather than react, lies our growth and freedom.
Definitely need...
To take this teaching to heart. Next time I feel my anger bubbling up, I'll pause to reflect on where it's coming from and how it's affecting my body. Perhaps attempt to diffuse the anger before I let it take control of me! I'm known for having a pretty short fuse, especially since my stroke. It's not good for me, or my health, or the well being of my family. ”Hulk Smash” is not a proper way to go through life dealing with problems!
Informational. Good reminder to respond, not react
Importance of backgrounds involving cultural differences is important.
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