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Being Present

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
The present moment is all you truly have! So I invite you to practice with me how healing and wonderful it is to truly be here now.
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I’ll try this one again later
This is a very good meditation, but I made the mistake of meditating in my living room instead of my bedroom. There’s a lot of noisy traffic that I can hear through my window, because I can’t close it all the way. So I lost my focus, but I’ll listen to it again, but in my bedroom where it’s a lot quieter.
I will use this one often
This is what i need in my daily life because I easily get distracted by phone and else.
Being Present
I learned that there is only one me, however imperfect, and once accepting of this, I need to give myself permission to accept the love and kindness that is made possible through the gift of life. By harnessing this in a mindful way I may be able to extend these gifts beyond my own body and into the world that I interface with.
Feeling really relax
I feel relax when I do my therapy & write my journal & meditating & drinking my tea & laying in bed
Soft belly
I apparently need a soft belly. Like, a lot. To fit all the stuff
Stressful weekend
Little help to be found here tonight. This is actually the kind of Aura session I do not care for. Totally mamby-pamby, no real direction (do this if you want, or don't...zero net gain) this is what my VERY pessimistic inner self always believed that ”meditation” was like, its taken a LOT for me to open myself up to a mindfullness practice this last year, and sessions like this one bring me right back to my initial, inborn skepticism. YMMV.
Hard to Settle Into
I found this one hard to get into because of outside distractions. It took awhile but I did eventually get there. Now I feel refreshed and I’ll get back to another session at noon.
When the narrator asks us to imagine ourselves infused with the pond, I imagined myself as a glassy, liquid, temperamental version of a woman, twisting with the events around me. Nonetheless, I always returned to the stable, calm version of myself, clear with a few ripples. This meditation gave me insight into the mind: twisting and turning with emotion but always returning to a stable point.
Totally relaxed!!! I actually feel like I could take a nap! Very easy meditation to follow along with’