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Being Peacefully Busy

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Cara de Lange
Burnout Expert & Coach
Have you ever considered the concept 'Being Peacefully Busy'? Too many people are suffering from stress and anxiety because of an almost compulsive need to be ‘busy’ when we should set boundaries and say ‘no’ sometimes. We tend to value busy people. It may be hard for us to stop using the word busy but ‘peacefully busy’ evokes calm and feels more nurturing. It means, ‘Yes, I’m busy, but I’m being gentle with myself and looking after myself. I’m taking time out to do the things I need to do to nurture myself and the things I love so that I feel less stressed but ultimately achieve more.’
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Peacefully Busy
Since the pandemic, my days are much busier than before which I am sure it is that way for a lot of people. The key to managing our busy lives is to find time to nurture our well being by doing something we enjoy. Even if it is only a few minutes a day. I like her idea of waking up each morning saying today I will be peacefully busy. It gives busyness a new perspective. It makes life seem less hectic. Excellent coaching session on finding more balance in your life.
Giving the term busy a joyful connotation
Being peacefully busy is a great expression for going about your tasks with your own well-being in mind, knowing that you will achieve more if you take care of your own needs and plan your other work around that. I love the idea to wake up and say to myself that I am going to be peacefully busy on the day ahead! Thank you!
I’m worried I’m not completing work well enough and that my next review will be negative again.
Peacefully busy
The type of rigorous exercise I typically go for to de-stress is not always the healthiest option
Peacefully busy
I felt a shift in my mindset and calm wash over me simply by replacing the word compulsively busy with peacefully busy! It is a massive shift in my mindset which allows me to make time for me in my day instead of being on auto pilot.😍
I have a very busy day today but will try to be peacefully busy.
I learnt to love what you do and to try and build in reflection.
Peacefully Busy
This resonated strong with me and I love the addition of peaceful to my busyness. I will most definitely frame my busyness this was from now on (and articulate it to others!!)
Peacefully Busy
I learned I am guilty of constantly being busy. It's ingrained in my career. This is primary what's led to burnout.
Peacefully busy
I had never put these two words together. I could’ve use this concept to make a difference in my professional life. It is wonderfully an option now during my retirement.
Being peacefully busy
This is a concept I certainly could have used throughout my 40 years of work. Now that I’m retired I am happy to apply it even to things I don’t particularly enjoy. Thank you!
Peacefully busy
I think this will be my new mantra. Finding the balance between the mundane activities and the ones that make me feel good has been a struggle, so peacefully busy it is!