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Being Nice to Yourself

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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
Are you hard on yourself? Do you beat yourself up when things go as planned or expected? Self-compassion meditation can help reduce the pain and suffering we inflict on ourselves and become less judgmental and loving and caring instead. Kindness starts with oneself.
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Being Nice To Me
I should give myself enough of a break for a day I’ve had but maybe not so much that I don’t try harder tomorrow.
Peace with myself
It is amazing how much better and calmer I am at handling the world around me when I am at peace and appreciating myself. How can we love the rest and f the world if we can’t love ourselves?
Feeling ok
I learned that I have miss meditating. It is very relaxing. I feel much better about myself after this.
Loving kindness
I’m order for us to show genuine love and kindness to others, first, we have to start with ourselves. You owe it to yourself to treat yourself fairly, like how you would treat others; remember that you live with yourself, and what’s a home if not a place of peace, comfort & safety?! Your body is your home; your mind is your home. Take care of them. Connect with yourself & perhaps go over a little exercises of gratefulness (even if it’s for small things or accomplishments). Nourish yourself! May I be held in loving kindness and may I accept who I am regardless of what others expect of me.
Allowed to feel sad
I am allowed to feel sad about something that may seem trivial. All my feelings are important.
Joy and kindness
My body started to heat up as it joy and kindness was flooding every inch of it. I felt relaxed and present but more an observer. It felt nice to disconnect with the present for a bit and focus on myself.
I feel hurt
But I learned that I am can’t settle and that deserve someone that loves me just as much as I love them
After meditation
I can escape qnd get into the present. Very serene ... tranquil... whole minded and at peace.
I deserve more
I learned that I deserve more then I have given myself I deserve to have a full time job I love I deserve to have the car I desire. I deserve to be treated with respect.
I deserve more
I learned that I deserve more then I have given myself I deserve to have a full time job I love I deserve to have the car I desire. I deserve to be treated with respect.
I’ve noticed that when one day thing happens , I project it onto to everything and everyone
I’m learning how to be better, how to be patient with myself. I want results immediately and sometimes it’s easier for me to just to take a step back a clear my mind.
Be Kind to Yourself
I’ve learned that being kind to people is good but sometimes we get so busy helping others in our own lives and that we forget to take care of ourselves. I also learned taking care of yourself isn’t selfish or a bad thing because to be able help and treat others with kindness we need learn to take care of ourselves and treat ourselves with kindness first
Kindness and Self-love
I am always focused on being kind to others. I am learning that the first place I need to focus love and kindness on is self. ❤️
Connected and calm
The mantra “I am connected and calm” helped me realise I am in a supportive web of people even when sitting alone.
A great reminder for myself!
Taking these few moments to sit and feel the love and kindness for myself really helps in creating a better version of me to each starting day!
jess 🧡
words of affirmation
“may i be happy”. some days i struggle to find happiness within myself, but by saying words of affirmation, i am reminded of the joy of life and happiness in all forms