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Being in the Present Moment

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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
Do you find it difficult to stay in the present moment? Find it hard to manage your thoughts? Here's a simple guided meditation that will help you be in the present moment, catch thoughts earlier and let go by letting them be as they are and without dwelling in them.
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10 reflections
Being in the present moment
I love simple meditation practices! Helps me to remember whether I'm driving or waiting or unsure I can be present simply by slowly following an inhale/ exhale!
Excellent Meditation
This lovely voice was one of the most gentle and relaxing ones I have experienced here at Aura. I deeply enjoyed this meditation. I did the longer version & the pace was perfect. I appreciate the trust offered to the meditator to simply observe her own thoughts. Wonderfully relaxing - could easily be used prior to just going to sleep, or for a lovely reset.
Being in the present moment, improving your mind.
A nice meditation for me! my mind needs all the help it can get. I am getting used to doing these meditations each morning and look forward to them. Thanks Aura!
Be GENTLE With Yourself!
It’s really ok if your mind wanders, be gentle with yourself and bring it back! Love ❤️
Rhonda Beth
How living in the present is not something that I have been practicing. I have been living in the past ,and the future. Thank you for this awareness.
Present, and relaxing the think muscle
Our minds wander because that’s what they do. Just as sometimes I struggle to get my shoulders to relax, sometimes I struggle to get my mind to relax. I found that applying the same attention to my mind as I give to that muscle helped quiet my mind and bring it back to the present.
Grateful for this wonderful feeling
Being present and mindful means not thinking about past or future. Becoming more relaxed and calm while staying focused on my natural breathing. Going deeper, getting calmer and feeling very peaceful by the end of this meditation. I’m grateful for this wonderful feeling and another beautiful day. 🌞
Being in the present moment
This gentle and soothing meditation was full of loving kindness. It helped me be present in the now. Thank you.
Just a few minutes of continual mind clearing can make a big difference in my thinking abilities going forward. Namaste
jess 🧡
i really enjoyed this meditation as it allowed me to just be free with myself. it wasn’t restraining, and it let me breathe the way i wanted to :)
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