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Being a Beacon of Kindness

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Here is a practice of imagining yourself radiating kindness all around you. This can really help to boost your mood, and if you look at a beacon, notice where the light is strongest. You're right - at the source, yourself!
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😎 Thursday 6-7-18
In this meditation it was a little piece on kindness. I thought it to be very intuitive and gentle. I wish we had more kindness in this world. Thank you, Aura! Have a nice day Everyone!😀
Being the light
An incredible guidance helped me remember that I can be the light to others, no matter how I'm feeling
It all comes back to you 🌅
Imagining that I am a beacon of light, radiating kindness all around me, is such a great attitude to have, particularly if you’re always around a lot of people. Eventually it will all comes back to you as others radiate their kindness towards you. Very special meditation. Thanks 🙏
Spreading Kindness
Feel the light of a beacon surrounding your heart full of kindness. Be the beacon of kindness to those all around you. May they feel the light of a beacon surround their heart full of kindness and continue to spread kindness to others.
Liesel :)
I found the idea of being a beacon especially entrancing, because it was then possible to visualize the kindness as light. As light would spread from a beacon, let kindness spread from yourself.
Walter J
Great session for the times! Just imagine yourself as a Beacon of Kindness. A tall and sturdy lighthouse that constantly shines the bright light of kindness in all directions. Even in the darkness of a stormy pandemic there is this steady light of kindness emanating from your soul for all to see and be guided by. They see your light and Hope is restored in them. They remember that kindness matters, regardless of the circumstances. In fact, it is needed more now than ever. I found this very easy to do, as I often visualize myself as a light house shining my Love light for all to see. My hope is it will brighten the hearts & lives of many other and restore Love to all. So to think of it as my light of kindness is a wonderful idea too!! Please join me as we visualize ourselves as Beacons of Kindness & Lighthouses of Love radiating Kindness and Love around the world. Saving others from wrecking on the shallow shoals of the media hype and the rocks of fear & loss. Instead let us guide them to the calm seas of seeing the best future possible of adaptive growth and abundant health. As they focus more on our positive lights, they will see less of the negative darkness. After all where Focus goes, Energy flows! Shine on... 💚🗼🍀
Radiating kindness what you say, in what you do, and, most importantly, in what you think. If you feel and think kindness, it will show
Be kind to yourself let the light your way
Is important to yourself, so you can be kind to others , and always let the light guide your way
Be a beacon of hope
Whenever you become a beacon of hope, love, kindness, and or positivity it can change a room full of people and the way they think or feel. When you are positive others will follow suit. Always choose love, compassion, and be optimistic as too
Sleepy initially
Good visual to start day Spreading kindness in all directions
Day One
As I lay here with Covid, I can appreciate the person I want to be—the beacon radiating kindness.
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