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Behind Thoughts, Everyone Has a Story

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
It is so easy to get caught in our initial automatic thoughts (aka negative automatic thoughts or NATs) that we miss the real story or the real experience happening in front of us.
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Think twice
I learned that I judge people too harshly and never think about what might be going on for them internally. I create a lot of stories in my head about others intentions and it causes me a lot stress and anxiety.
“Everyone has a story that will bring you to your knees”. You just need to be curious enough past your initial impressions.
I just got back from a cancelled flight yesterday and had a similar experience, uncanny. Watching the agent calm the man who was off the charts angry was magic. A reminder that we all have an underlying factor in our actions that is invisible to those around us.
We are all equal as human beings. I didn’t always believe this to be the case. Used to see individuals as being on tiers or levels, favored or unfavored. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We all struggle in unique ways regardless or race, creed, belief system, mental health issues, status or otherwise. This CBT lesson is a good reminder of that. We all have something to offer someone else and when we practice that, we can expect good Karma. Or good favor from God.
Our thoughts
Been there, done that. I end up feeling awful. Even if it was just in my mind. Pre-judgment. I don't seem to do that much anymore. But I'm still human so it does happen.
Stories that empower or interpretations that diminish and close off
For me a story can expand and teach or send me into judgement resentment and almost become infectious and take me away from reality and into obsession, drama definitely and a made-up world or interpretation of the world - “haves have nots” “they don’t get it, don’t understand,” there is calamity and destruction, “it will never change.” It gets overwhelming and it was just a news article, a sound in the house, the baby crying, the wind, an e-mail I read. Monkey mind thinking. I actually think that those thoughts are caring, intelligent, sound land compassionate and so I’m labeling my thoughts. Breathe let go
Everyone has a story
It is true that everyone has a story about how the act. I try to remember than and it is easier to approach them when their behavior is not the best
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