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Beginner's Mind

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Ryan Kenny, LCSW
Meditation Instructor & Resilience Coach
"Beginner's Mind" is a brilliant attitude that can help you enrich every aspect of your life by turning off your autopilot habits and tuning in. Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels
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11 reflections
Keeping an Open Mind
Like life when you're used to meditating or anything you are more inclined to follow your ways. This meditation teaches you to keep an open mind at all times during it and go with curiosity as that's how We learn and grow by keeping our minds opened. A very important lesson to keep with whilst meditating.
Got a young mind
Ever since birth I learned a lot in a unique way. My personality developed as I grew up. To who I am today. Ram 🐑 of the Aries culture. ♈️♈️♈️♈️ Looking for Leo, Aquarius, Gemini, or Sagittarius.... 💖💖💖💖
Something old, something new...
I'm so vulnerable to new things, as well as old things with new meanings. I sometimes ponder whether or not to comment sometimes because I begin to feel guilty of how good this is for me and I think of others who may not be receiving it as well as I am. It's as if these exercises where tailored to my stress and anxiety. They pose both the question and answers to my thoughts. Man!!! I love this. Namaste 🙏🏾
1 era Sesión
Me comuniqué con el universo y busque entender el ahora. Abracé mi tristeza por la partida de Laura pero tengo la esperanza de poder ganar una oportunidad de poder mostrarle el resultado de estos tiempos de meditación. Aún si no regresa mi compromiso es hallar la armonía entre el cuerpo y la mente y permitirme el instante en el inmediato viaje por el flujo del tiempo.
4th Time
I learned that location matters. I was so distracted trying to do it in the car 😭
If I approach my breath with curiosity, I can get a much deeper inhale-keeping curios as to where all the air is going to.
It is important to re-examine the lens through which I view my surroundings and my circumstances every now and then
Four dogs
I need to turn off the volume on my phone otherwise the alerts from texts scare me mid meditation, and I have no control over when every dog in the neighborhood wants to start up a howling fest but I do know I can tune it out now. I learned that I carry a lot of stress in my face, the inside of my mouth particularly. I bet that means something. But it was interesting to notice that every so often I had to come back to relaxing that part of me. And despite the interruptions and distractions, the busy day, and unending tasks I got into this and I am glad I did.
Beginner’s mind
I learned that it’s important to leave all your preconceived ideas behind if you want to get the most benefit from any experience. I think curiosity is something I need to work on.
Beginners Mind
Looking the the eyes of the beginners mind opens the heart instantly to love 💜
I was pretty distracted today. I think because it's my first time in a long time which makes a lot of sense to me.