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Becoming 'More'

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Life Coaching
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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
How do you become more? What does this mean in a tangible way? Do you think about ‘being more’ as applicable to your life? Is there a ‘more’ that you wish to be? I believe we’ve all had this experience; of seeking to become better in some aspect of our life, or as who we are. What guides this desire and what perpetuates the motivation and discipline to see yourself through? And of course, what drives your need to be 'more'? "Becoming more is the expansion of your consciousness.” It is meant to be confidence building; akin to seeking out a new experience that you are excited for.  'Becoming more' is the path of freedom, life fulfillment and perpetual happiness.” 'More’ is the conscious desire of your heart; to be and live as the very best version of yourself, and in every moment. Join me as we dive deep into how you become the best version of yourself; and to live this.
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