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Becoming Aware Of Our Minds' Attraction

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Natalie Reich
Holistic Healing & Wellness
Through this guided meditation we will let go of control and see where our mind goes. Through practicing this technique, we can learn more about the habits of our minds. Becoming aware is the first step to creating change within our lives.
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3 reflections
Drifting away
My mind constantly wanted to go to different thoughts about school, or people, or just daily tasks I'll have to do today. Some stressful, some just calm. But I kept trying to just come back to my breath, and it worked. Just keep calm, and everything will be ok :)
Walter J
I spent the whole day at a clean quiet, wide, uncrowded beach yesterday in Maine and had an Incredibly perfect day! Arrived early to get front door parking, plenty of hot sun and just a few white, puffy clouds, a light refreshing breeze and cool, ok… cold (56 degrees is cold) ocean water to cool off in and do some swimming - Perfect time!! During this session, I happily noticed my mind flashing back to some of the people I met & spoke to or just saw yesterday … This just put me right back into a blissful state of mind again, Thank You! Namaste, 🏖❤️🍀
A sweet, calming, gentle meditation. So relaxing. Being aware of any thoughts, but not letting ourselves become attached to any. Just being here. Now. I didn't have any thoughts at all. Natalie, thank you. I just found you yesterday and I'm really enjoying everything about your meditations. 💐
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