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Becoming a More Confident 'You'

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
If you want to feel the confidence of knowing that your decisions are the right and best ones for you; and to have greater confidence in all that you do, then the 3 most effective practices that I am about to share, are going to make it easy for you build greater confidence and to live empowered because of what you think and believe about yourself. In this episode we dive into what makes a person confident, and how you can grow your confidence to extreme levels by choice; because confidence grows with your affirmative words of yourself. Please never stop challenging yourself to grow and in using positive and encouraging words to support and uplift you as you become more self-confident! Namaste!!
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It’s time
I am a smart, kind and capable woman. I deserve to be proud of myself and take care of myself. I’ve spent many years criticizing myself and talking down to myself. I’ve allowed things that others have said about to shape my own self image. It’s time to make a change and start treating me like I like me.
My Self-Confidence
In the past, I have had many struggles with my self-confidence, for I am always questioning whether my decisions were the right ones. This practice reminded me that to improve my self-confidence, I must tell myself that I know that I make the best decisions for me and that I am strong enough to do so. I really believe that I can implement these thoughts into my daily life, so thank you for the amazing practice.
Growing confidence
I felt a ball of positive energy grow in me and made me realize a couple things I want to grow confident in.
What confidence really is
I realized this a while ago, I wasn’t always confident cause I wasn’t always aware of who I was. Confidence is the first step towards self awareness. End goal being self love. Realize how they both begin with self. Meaning it was always self love.
I learned that self-confidence is completely based on how much belief we have in ourselves to succeed.
Believing In Being Confident
I learned that to achieve confidence in myself, I must believe I am worthy of it and know in my mind that it is possible for me to do so.
Walter J
Dorothy does a good job getting us set up to start developing more confidence. Not entirely sure of her 3 steps but here are my thoughts... Becoming aware of what is and where we are, is always the first step in self improvement. Becoming aware & defining what we want is a good second step. This reveals the “Gap” between the two points (where we are & where we want to be) Affirming the traits we need to have to be at the second point is the tricky part. Start by Imagining ourselves already at the second point... how good does it feel to be here? Describe it - what does it sound like? Smell like? Taste like? The more senses we can attach to the desired state, the more we can start to vibrate with it. Finally create the affirmations to get you to build your confidence. We need to write down, in first person, in the present tense, with descriptive words, the good feelings you are having being at this new, desired state/place. I like to add a date to make it into a goal. Example -one I used a few years ago to reduce my weight and get in better shape from the winter of 2009. “I am enjoying my 220# buffed body by July 4th 2010. I love looking good while on the beach, body surfing with my boys. The salty taste and sea smell makes my whole body excited to be working out naturally again in the ocean waves. And the warm sun tanning my muscles makes me look even better!! Thanks for eating right, drinking plenty of water and exercising/moving now so I can enjoy my 220# buffed body on the beach this July!” I started at 235# in February and by July 3rd when I got back on the scale in front of my boys - it read 220.0 and I did look good on the beach that next week!! It works-try it on something you want to change! Namaste ❤️⚖️🍀
I learned that I have to believe in myself if I want others to
Something seems missing
Seems to me that one of the 3 steps is missing. I chose the 7 minute version.
I need to practice being confident. As I believe in myself, I will grow
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