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Morning Renewal & Peace

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Anaïs Skoutariotis
NeuroMindfulness Coach
Good morning. Welcome to this new day. Start your day on a tropical, magnificent beach. Ground yourself and find balance within nature. Allow your breath to cleanse you, and find relief, soothing, and healing on a deep level. Finish your morning practice by setting an intention to set yourself up for success. Sending you warmth and love, Anaïs
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2 reflections
At peace
You know those morning when you wake up & everything irritates you? Your own breathing irritates you, it feels inescapable. I woke up like that. I grasped for a practice that would help me climb out of the funk & this did it. It was soft, simple, and very soothing. Crisis averted!!
Warmth & Love
Just beautiful. 🦋 I feel so calm but yet energized. I'm excited to begin my day. I loved this. The voice, the positive affirmations, the guidance. My mind is clear. I have no worries. I feel love and warmth. Peace. Have a beautiful day, Anais. 🌞