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Beating Yourself Up?

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When we make a mistake, we often beat ourselves up or berate ourselves. Yet we know this is not an effective thing to do, as it often leaves us feeling worse and more stuck. This meditation helps you to cultivate compassion towards yourself and ease difficult emotions that come up with self-criticism.
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Stop beating myself up!
Cultivate kindness, and bring them to myself as well. One might have to love others much, but we are human beings who need love too. Care for ourselves, love one another.
I need to be gentler with myself. Kinder. I feel shame for giving love too carelessly and opening my heart too fully when I should see the honesty and generosity in that ... giving of myself to someone in need is beautiful and unselfish. Their unkindness in return is not a reflection of my stupidity but of their own decision to deny their truth. I was the brave one.
Beating Yourself Up?
It’s important to remind yourself often that you are okay just the way you are and perfection is an impossible goal! Breathing in and out helps to relieve the tensions experienced in my mind and body that unrealistic goals create.🙏🏻
Let it go
Sometimes I let someone get inside my mind and then they just camp out there. I’m always struggling to get free of that person and the situation they’ve created for me. But, if I can free myself and let it go I can have the experience that I am meant to have. Mindful meditation helps along with breathing. I will remind myself throughout the day to stop beating myself up over someone else’s obsession with me.🙏🌻
Accepting mistakes
In life, there are things that we can’t achieve and its okay. Without these mistakes, you wouldn’t be the person who you are today. The specific words that you would want to hear from others, would not define you. YOU are the only one who would be able to define who you really are.
I’ve learned that starting your day off with meditation, helps you throughout your day! You create thee atmosphere around you and today I create peace, light and love. namaste
🙂😊😉🙂Hello Everyone been Overwhelmed Stressed and on Over Drive. This Meditation was very helpful. But now I’m nervous freaking out. Keep trying to remember my breathing methods that I’ve learned due to my meditation. I’m at my Doctors office waiting to get yelled at. Was supposed to lose 10 pounds but instead I probably gained 10 pounds or more. I have no excuse. I don’t feel guilty. I haven’t had time to eat so I have a been over eating. I just want to support me to be over with and I don’t have to see him for another month. I hate This. I feel like a little kid waiting to go into the principals office scared annoyed irritated bothered 🤨😳😟🙄
"I love you. Everything is going to be okay."
The exacts words I needed to hear, and now I will move forward with my day with my mouth curled up in a half-smile, looking to treat myself and others with compassion.
Coming home to myself.
I love you, crooked heart, wicked mind..let’s work together. Your wants are my needs, we can make both parties happy, but we need unity. Everything is by design, so shifting away from negative energy can’t be that hard, and intuition can’t be too far, esp when two powerful forces are joined. Come home to me..Remember me?
You there
Feeling alone or feeling like love is not just what you want that your feelings are just like you
Self flagellation
It’s worth is in only what you learn from it. Let it go and move forward with a positive attitude - making a difference rather than dwelling on the negative. Love rather than hate. Easy said seldom done.
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