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Be the Light ~Resiliency in a Pandemic

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
Here we all are with the world experiencing a pandemic. There is an opportunity for transformation if we choose it to be. We have a choice. Our choice is How will we respond? I share some thoughts about why I think it's important.
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This is our time to polish our spirit.
It is so easy to get lost in everything. We have a choice in how we overcome these times. We have to be the light!
Be the Light
The entire world is experiencing an invisible force that has and still is in many cases, creating great suffering among it’s people. On top of that, our country has seen a great injustice occur in the killing of George Floyd. This great injustice has people protesting in the streets all across our nation. Yes, a great injustice occurred and we need to see change. How we move on from here begins with us making one choice we can make on a daily basis. This one choice requires us to ask ourselves how do we want to respond. There are two ways in which we can respond. One leads towards division and selfishness and the other towards togetherness and selflessness. My hope is that each of us choose the latter. We respond with an open heart. We respond with love and choose to focus on what bonds us together rather than what separates us. We are all brothers and sisters in the grand scheme of things, after all. We are all one human race all living together on one Earth, after all. Yes, there will be days where we feel overwhelmed, discouraged or even angry. This happens to all of us from time to time. When this happens we must acknowledge and honor our own feelings so they may pass through us instead of getting stuck within us. Placing a hand over our heart while we pray or meditate can assist in the healing process. When we honor our feelings we can get back to a centered state of being. Within the darkness, there is light. To be the light within the darkness, begin each day with an open heart. To be the light within the darkness, begin each day with the intention to be kind. For when we choose to be the light within the darkness is when we begin to be the change we wish to see in the world. Namaste, my brothers and sisters.
Acknowledge and choose to shine
Acknowledge all the feelings that arise from my heart and body and head. Now is the moment to be the person I want to and know I can be, to see my gifts and bring them to the world and share them with the world. What would the world look like if everyone were bringing and sharing their gifts right now? That would create and share even more light. Use your light
Walter J
Choosing ...
Cindy is spot on for this timely topic!! Best thing to do when everyone around you is loosing their head ... is to keep yours on straight. Keeping a high vibration & not getting sucked in & down to the level of the media is VERY wise. Yes we humans seem to always pull thru for each other in times of natural disasters and we will get thru this one too, as long as enough of us keep our heads on straight. I suggest we all meditate on the best version of ourself and our world !!! That’s my choice, why not make it yours too?! ❤️💪🏼🍀
Healthy Advice
I really liked this guide for resiliency during the current pandemic. Things can be overwhelming but now is the time to go inside. Now is the time to figure out what we want to change about ourselves. We should also continue to be kind and keep a higher vibration for everyone around us. Be a bodhisattva. This guy has plenty of good advice and a handy tool kit for mindfulness.
A Hole New World Coming
When l listen to this l felt that this pandemic isn’t the end of the world, it’s a new start to our world 🌎. This is a very calming podcast and l fell that l could just sit there and listen while lm closing my eyes and thinking about how are world is going to be like when this pandemic is over, ldk if it’s going to be bad and better than it was now. There will be no masks around our face, there will be on more stores closing or shutting down, there will be know hand sanitizer eve 2 seconds, there will be no more social distancing. All of these things will change our life cause of it. Thank you for taking your time hearing the things l wanted to talk about 🙏🏻❤️! Stay safe, Have a good sleep, and Have Fun On Aura ❤️✌️😍!!!!
Pamala Yvonne Smith
I felt that Cindy spoke truth and words of enlightenment . I noticed she spoke on everything that I am and feel in myself .
I learned that although I have all mentioned character traits, there’s always room to grow
That was truly beautiful
This lesson shows me that engaging with the world with a kind and giving heart is so important. Give more of myself instead of retreating
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