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Tom Evans
Storyteller, composer, guide
There is only one constant, and that is change. If you resist change, life can become unnecessarily tough. Bend with the wind, go with the flow, shoot the breeze, and you'll find a new way to be. Life then becomes blissful and easy. Only you can be the change!
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Marques Pizarro
Precious Moments Today
I learned that new souls have taken their first breathe today, and some souls have taken their last.. the cycle of life. We are part of a bigger picture on this earth. Yet, every moment today ought to be cherished and welcomed. Beautiful session to remind us to see small and big moments in life, and we can make a change.
LOVE This!
My friend & kindred spirit, You are a gifted guide. How profound. I recommend to all. Here you will find a gem in each tidbit doled out to us followed by time to connect or meditate briefly on each if desired. Each single morsel would make a complete meditation. Combined as a session I find it enlightening, uplifting & a way to break through barriers I didn’t necessarily want. LOVELY. I’m so appreciative, -Cie