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Be Honest with Yourself - 'Ask Dorothy'

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Life Coaching
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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
The anxiety of my 17-yr old client was over the top. She is a high performer in every aspect of her life; and excels in all of her courses as well as the game of basketball and soccer to which she plays at an elite level. Her anxiety was a lot bigger than she ever admitted to. The stress of always needing to do her best; and to compete with her peers in school and in sport, took its toll on her body. She was diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer. Join me in the episode of 'Life Coaching WISDOM' and the certain truth that frees you from anxiety whenever you are willing to be self-honest. 😉👌 Have a Question for Me? Send me a note here on AURA or an email to mail@dorothyratusny.com 💜😎 I would love to answer your questions here!
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My anxiety is here for me
Self honesty builds confidence! The truth helps you to find an alternative means. Honestly is an inner compass ❤️ thank you
Feeling good 👍
I learnt that I could use honesty with myself to dissect my anxiety and use it as a catalyst for growth .. thanks
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