Shining Brightly
The sun is always shining, no matter if we can see it or not. The sun is always here for us, no matter if we decide to recognize it or not. When we choose to visualize the sun on days we can’t see it and recognize it, we benefit from its healing and energizing properties. Sitting in a receiving posture, I began to connect with my breath. Because it is a cloudy morning, I visualized the sun rising in the horizon. Recognizing the sun, I could feel it’s warmth on my skin. With the aid of my breath, I began to pull the sun into my body through my feet. As the sun traveled up through my body, my inner world felt its nourishing properties. Filled with this golden sunlight, I focused on my heart center. Anything that had been blocking my heart previously was dissolving, providing my inner light to shine brightly. Shining brightly like a star in the night, I can sense love and peace radiating throughout my being. As love and peace radiates from my being, may I serve others today. Thank you, Meg! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️💫