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Basic Loving Kindness

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Christina & Darrin
Love Coach & Therapist
Loving-kindness is a heart-opening practice. It is a strong wish for your own happiness, as well as the happiness of all living beings. Relax into this practice now, and feel your heart opening like a lotus flower. Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels www.christina-mcmahon.com
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Wishing others well
You know you truly love them when all you want is for them is to be well, to be happy, to find inner peace, to be healthy, and to be prosperous. That's real love-- it's unselfish. 💕
My mind, i know you can i changed I will change you and keep asking for more change
Day 5
I learned that sending positive thoughts towards others boosted my mood. :)
oscar wild’s continental breakfast
Bee yourself make wild honey everyone else IS already taken i am the one who cooks the bacon i am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together i am the egg man they are the egg men i am the waffles bathed in melted butter and warm maple syrup
The Boo
Talent is the seed Desire is the sun Discipline is the rain The soil must be rich with nutrients: Commitment Compassion Laughter
Wishing well
I imagined wishing well to my beloved, to all the people I know, to strangers passing by, and the deep satisfaction I felt in my belly let me know this is powerful magic that will change me and my surroundings in wonderful ways...
Att bry sig om snsra
Jag känner mig lättare och gladare i hela kroppen av att önska en person jag älskar lycka.
I learned that
we need to wish success and happiness to others, even if they are strangers or people you are not a big fan of. Wishing positive thinks to other people make us feel in peace with ourselves, which can bring us true and pure happiness!
I would never have recall this light filling without this sessions ... as if a burden has been removed from my shoulders for an instant...
Loving and believing in myself helps me do the same to others 👍
I had my first session
I was sad at first and while I heard the voice of the women I fall asleep. Great
my upper back was very tight- emotional pain. felt like crying until I brought myself back to my breathing. Carter started crying halfway through- made it hard to focus but I made It through the entire meditation. my shoulders feel much more relaxed now, my breathing deeper. patient with my child.
Today, I Will...
The more we practice loving kindness in meditation, the more we will practice loving kindness in our own lives. It will become second nature to direct loving kindness towards ourselves, the people in our circle and people from around the world. In this meditation, Christina has us think of someone whom we love and imagine saying well wishes to them. Then, we imagine that person saying well wishes back to us. It wasn’t hard for me to think of a person to give well wishes to. This beautiful person is kind. This beautiful person is generous. This beautiful person is loving. This beautiful person knows me from the inside out. This person has given me life. This beautiful person is my mother. Imagining saying well wishes to her made my heart smile. Imagining her saying well wishes back to me just made me love her even more. Today, I will show her loving kindness. Today, I will celebrate her. Today, I will do all of these things and more because today is her birthday! 🥳