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Balls of Light Meditation

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This guided meditation uses visualization to help access sensation in the hands. Using body sensing and visualization helps calm an overactive mind and reconnect to the body and the present moment.
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Walter J
I felt my balls of light combining in my hands and then it settled on my shoulders & encompassed my whole head. My breathing got easier, my head felt lighter & my thoughts seemed clearer as it en-lightened me! Pretty cool experience! ❤️☮️🍀
It felt amazing. Very calming and soothing. It’s only my 3rd day of using this app and I love it. Very helping in many ways ❤️
Balls of Light
I start noticing how the Balls of Light make me feel in the palm of my hands it makes me Relax and about me go to sleep if the meditation were more longer . Breathe in and out relax my mind blocking everything else out.
Sending light
I did feel a sensation in both my palm, but I wasn’t able to imagine one larger ball of light. It did feel good to send the light up my arms and over my shoulders, to my back, where I was feeling pain. That was the nicest part of the meditation, overall I felt uncomfortable bc my body was achy and my feet were hurting. I think this meditation will work better for me in the morning. Thanks Aura 🙏
The tingle and warmth in my hands expanded into a rainbow connecting them together. It glowed so brightly that the colours once again turned into blinding white and grew to encompassing my whole body. I was aglow with light, it vibrated in and around me then slowly faded into my being leaving a soft warmth soothing hum lulling me. I will sleep easy tonight
Took my breath away
This ball of light was so easy to feel in my hands, I could feel all the energy there. It moved on up my arms and then I was suddenly so engrossed in the feeling in my arms that it just stayed there and didn’t move further. I don’t know why unless I paid toooo much attention to how it physically felt. I plan to practice this again later today to see if the ball will continue to move around me. I can still feel it in my arms... This exercise took my breath away!
Second time
This wondrous ball filled my hands, moved up my arms to my heart and head. It was translucent, no particular color. I could feel the energy in what seemed to be radiant waves going within. It was a sensation, not tingling, but I don’t really have an appropriate description. It was extremely gentle and the ball had no weight. My hands can still feel the sensation of holding that beautiful ball of energy and light. Going to do this practice again tomorrow.😊. Namaste.🙏🏻❤️
Ball of Light
The light felt heavy until I placed it back within my heart so it could spread out throughout my entire body. I had to place the light within myself.
Ball of light
I placed the ball of light on my heart. I feel calmer, more relaxed. I feel warm from the inside, out.
Heart and mind
I mostly focus on my heart and mind but then imagined my body was inside this great big ball of light.✨🌞
I’ve found this to be a very healing and peaceful meditation.
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