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Balancing Being & Doing

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Lou Redmond
Coach & Meditation Guide
This meditation will help you stay emotionally centered and present as you let go of the need to constantly be 'doing'. This is a calming practice that will fill you with gratitude as well as ease any anxiety you feel about your day. Lou will discuss his own struggles with the topic, and then guide you into a relaxed state so that you can bring more mindful awareness into all aspects of your life.
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10 reflections
Today’s commitment
Gratitude is important as our positive affirmations. Take the time to learn a new mindfulness skill/technique each day.
Soothing caring stopping
Nourishment comes in many ways. Stoping pausing listening to my body and noticing the GOOD PARTS what is working pain free - there is much more of me and the world that is wise and welcoming and whole. I want to sit and dwell there! Thanks
Stop, breathe and go
I can manage my day step by step. Listening to my body and take a breathe will help to go through it.
Balancing Being and doing
Dissolving the anxiety with a visualisation of getting things done helped alot. Doing things mindfully with the quality of mind of balancing in being with doing is a better approach to take with me.
Meditation being in the moment
Practice being in the midst of doing. Wow! That’s significant because to pull the two together will create a space where I can give myself a break or some grace.
Doing something is not as critical as you think
While it is important to feel useful, one has to remember that self care is above everything.
Being Instead of Doing
We get so caught up in DOING that we often forget on just BEING. After all, we are HUMAN BEINGS NOT HUMAN DOINGS. Being is the foundation of inner connectedness. Through being we are able to be present with what is right in front of us. We are no longer trapped by our egoic self. The egoic self pulls us away from truly Being in the present moment. Namaste!
I felt gratitude today for all that I am today.
I learned to let things be. I don’t always need to find a solution, it’s ok to give time to wait. I’m not in a hurry, breath it in and breath it out.
All will get done
My worth is not tied to “doing”. I often feel like a failure at the end of the day because I didn’t accomplish enough or finish tasks that I have started.
Take time out for me to be present. Also to find a way to ‘be’ even when in the ‘do’.