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How to Feel Happy During Challenges

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When you are going through a challenging time and feeling overwhelmed, you can draw upon 1 or 2 happiness basics so you can re-center yourself and focus on what’s most important. These happiness building blocks contribute to overall feelings of happiness and well-being.
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What I Need Right Now
I learned that the answer is always within if I just ask the question to myself then be still and listen to what comes up. For me today, I am stressed over a renovation that is taking much too long and having things go wrong. After connecting to my centre, the answer quickly came. Exercise !
Feel good
It feels good to think about what you did for someone else instead of only being the taker
CBT: How to be happy
During times of struggle this session talked about how to maintain that happy mode! Very, very good. I signed up for the series. Now I'm going to get out there and enjoy my day!! Have a great day everyone! Choose happy! 😁