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Awareness of Experience and Experiencer

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Kristy Arbon
Somatic Self-Compassion Creatrix
Bringing our kind awareness to both ourselves as the experiencer and the experience in the moment. Photo by madison lavern on Unsplash.
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11 reflections
I learned that I can not just observe myself breathing, but be the breather, the nose, the throat and lungs. I can be aware of some of the air filling the space around me, filling my lungs and then being expelled back into the air around me. Such a miraculous process of drawing matter from outside my body, into my lungs to absorb oxygen to nourish this amazing living being that is me, and then using the muscles of my respiratory system to push that matter back out of my lungs and into the air/matter around me. Amazing! 😊
Make the world go away
I love how this meditation allows me to take my stress and frustrations and melt them away. I can just sit back and observe myself and travel deep within my castle mind.
Being attached to the practice.... not simply attaching to the words but experiencing one in the same
Self vs others
I realized I often hold negative feelings when my team is looking for promotions or raises and that it is a direct result of the years that I worked hard with little or no recognition. This meditation helped me see that I need to let those feelings go and reward those who deserve reward. My past should not be their future. I should be the better person and instead of resenting there request I should celebrate that I can make their place in our organization better, help them feel fulfilled at work. Today I will open my mind to positive feelings and shutout the negative.
Awareness While in a Relaxed Position
I can feel my body contract and expand positively. No more quinks in my mind or body.
Hopeless romantic
To escape reality I would dive into Danielle Steele, Nora Roberts, Debbie McComber, Emily Griffin, Nicholas Sparks any pretty much any romance novel. Reading these gave me hope. As I have grown I know love is more than romance. I am still a tender heart who wants to be loved. For me this means letting go of fantasies. It means create intimacy. It means loving myself while loving another. It means accepting my partner for who they are & who they want to be. It means that this person has the ability to hurt me the most. To truly love means to take a risk, trust, be vulnerable, and live wholeheartedly. This means feeling pain.
My thoughts like lightning zip and give me bolts that do me great pleasure
Knees bent, head positioned
Nicely on a pillow, I relaxed into an easy breathing and tried to detach from my thoughts, while observing them. Naturally they went towards my day and what I did, but also formed around what I dream of and who I want to be.
I'm here. I'm breathing. This alone is a miracle, since I was supposed to have died a year ago!
I am worth it
I learned I am worth the effort to reach my potential in every area of my life. Efforts made every day create a new and better me.
I am worthy of my attention.
Taking time for myself and being aware of myself and my needs are things I am worthy of. Breathing and experiencing that breath is relaxing and calming. Taking time for me is an improvement for my self worth. 💚
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