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Awareness of Breath in Nostrils

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
The meditation uses the simple technique of sensing the breath in the nostrils to improve focus and develop mastery of attention.
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11 reflections
Al relajarme en esta meditación me permití sentir. Algo que por lo generalm no suelo hacer del todo bien. Simplemente afronto que hay cosas que la lógica me indica que no debo seguir. Por primera vez me habia dado a la tarea de sentir y fue peor resultado que cuando solo me dedicaba a razonar las cosas. Ahora se que da igual. Supongo que de eso se trata: de afrontar lo que pasa, sea lo que sea. Y no detenerse por más que no haga sentido ni lógico ni emocional
I like meditations that require you to focus on something specific like breath through a specific nostril because it helps me to avoid intrusive thoughts that interrupt my meditation.
Something about this one just didn’t help. He voice was a bit annoying to me. The breathing did help calm me down a bit
Taking care
I am very engaged in long distance caregiving for my best friend, a friend of 51 years, who is in hospice, in her home, about two thousand miles from me. In a few weeks, I will go to spend a month with her, as her “family” caregiver in addition to the wonderful care she receives from the hospice people. I am anxious about this, but looking forward to being present for her in whatever way she needs me. This means leaving my pets for all that time, in the good hands of a pet sitter, but nonetheless separated from me. At the same time, my best friend where I live, is leaving at the end of June to look after her grandson while her daughter is in training and active duty in the Navy. The child’s father is in prison, and, thankfully, not married to the mom. Meanwhile, I am in dire financial straits. I feel as though I am living at least four separate lives simultaneously. It is like constant, wrenching, cognitive dissonance. I needed this taking care of myself meditation today, because if I don’t, no one will, and if I don’t, I feel like I might explode. Thanks for listening.
Must’ve been pretty relaxed
My wife shook my arm to tell me I was snoring (I was not!) Had to explain that I was doing a breathing exercise in Aura! 😂
Meditation doesn’t solve, it shows.
I’m going through a rough patch in my life right now, so the first thing I did right after I felt so depressed is open up the app and listen to a meditation. After the session ended I realized I was still depressed, but I’ve also realized that my train of thought has slowed down, which enabled me to understand how to continue fighting through this part in my life. Meditation doesn’t miraculously solve problems in your life, it clears the fog between you and the path to understanding life.
after letting go meditation, my chest was less tight and calmer than I started.
As I was breathing, tingling sensation throughout my arms and hands.
Closing my eyes really made it more easier to focus on my breathing and those types of thoughts. Helping me to be aware but in a calm action
Meditation helps to cast away scary thoughts
Before this meditation, I saw this really disturbing and scary image that scares me so much that I started screaming and crying at the same time. And my first thought to make my fears to go away is: Meditation. After these three minutes to help me to refocus and calm me down, I feel so much better. Meditation is one of the best things I enjoy in life.
My mind wandered
My mind wandered a bit toward the end of this session. But I feel peaceful.
I feel like walls are closing in.
I am supposed to go to work today. But I skipped it. I'm afraid of going back in since I am supposed to go in yesterday but I didn't. I'm afraid of my co-workers reaction. I don't have a gift to give them as "pasalubong" from Cebu. I feel guilty to my co-worker my Rea and I'm scared to ask for a vacation leave for 2 days tomorrow and the day after that. I came from a 1 month work related out of town travel and I'm afraid of what they might think. I have done this alot in my past already. But I'm trying to change this. Help me. I'm so anxious. :(
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