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Awareness of Body

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
Our bodies are our vehicle for living this life yet we are often so disconnected from it. Join me for a body awareness meditation to reconnect and heal. Would you like to learn more - visit me at
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Nadir A.
The Force is everyone.
I used to think that no two different people can think the same way. It’s impossible or improbable. Even if it’s the same idea they would still think it differently. Until I came across StarWars. And realized that the thought doesn’t matter. The field that is bio-magnetic from the human body is the actual Force. Eric pipen is my instructor at the higher balance institute. Founded 2003 and I recommend the whole community to check it out.
I continued to judge and focus on what wasn’t feeling good. Couldn’t relax.
Migraine struggles
I am using the meditations to help me manage migraines with auras
Gratitude For Body
This morning I woke up feeling achy all over with the beginning of a sinus headache due to allergies. Starting at the top of my head working my way down to my toes, breathing in kindness as well as acknowledging what I am feeling in each area helped to release some of the tension and achiness I was feeling. The beginning of a sinus headache is gone. Visualizing breathing in a blue sky at the top of my head all the way down to my toes, exhaling, and breathing in the earth’s energy from my toes up to my head a few times is renewing the energy in my body. I feel an aliveness which I am grateful for. I am grateful my body is able to keep up with the busy demands of life. I am grateful for showing myself love by taking good care of my body by giving it what it needs to keep it healthy and in good working order.
Feeling Relaxed
Before I started this session my mind was going to all sorts of places, like it was spinning out of control. After a long day I started this session, and now I feel welcome in my body with an easy mind.
Feeling relaxed! The pain and tension I experience from fibromyalgia in my neck and shoulders were happy to release ❤️🌱
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