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Awareness Like the Sun

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Our awareness can be like the sun, shining on everything without discrimination.
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Awareness like the sun
Nice morning practice on being aware of everything going on around you and inside you. Letting everything just be.
Silencio y cansancio
La mezcla de silencio y cansancio no ne hace para nada bien. O bueno, más bien me cambia un poco algunos patrones de comportamiento y energía. Sin embargo el poder usar se silencio para convertirlo en contrario del cansancio, de alguna manera u otra sirve
He aprendido a punta de errors y dolores, el siempre tratar de ver lo positivo o en caso de no existir algo positivo, tratar de optimizar la situación. El siempre ver el como a pesar de desconocer la manera. Desde hace tiempo que sé esto y honestamente me sigue causando duda si en verdad es útil o no. Pero bien, más que una duda en si, creo que simplemente es y ya
Nice visualization
I was pretty angry about one of my friends beforehand. It was taking up all of my conscious space. I took some time to do this mediation and I feel little better afterwards. I loved the visualization or the sun representing our awareness, shining down on everything good and bad. The sun does not judge what it shines its light on.
What, me worry?
Release the stress and turn it into healthy, positive energy to fuel the day. Namaste
awareness like the sun
i became aware of all of the little noises that were going on around me. i imagines myself at the beach because that’s one place that helps me relax.
Finals stress
This helped me take a nice deep breath. With finals my stress level are super high. It was nice meditation
Things you like and don’t like...
Just as the phrase about being aware of things you like and don’t like was spoken, one of the things that I really don’t like, the sound of a Harley Davidson motorcycle blasting down my street, happened. I thought the timing was perfectly ironic, synchronistic if you will. This meditation made me think of a Bible verse that is similar to the idea that God causes the sun to shine on the righteous and the wicked. Comparing my awareness to that of sunlight which penetrates everything and shows no favoritism is quite an interesting metaphor. Thank you!
Awareness like the sun
I LOVE this one! It was the most helpful visualization to heighten my awareness and to stay present. The illumination of the sun on everything- positive, negative, neutral- it shines on it all. Thanks, Jiva, for guiding us :)
I felt calm and alert, aware and soothed.
I learned I can be in focus on my breathing and acknowledge my surroundings simultaneously and be relaxed. Being aware of the surrounding sounds and environment doesn’t take me out of my meditation, and that is soothing. I was also mindful of my whole body rather than just my breathing and that was calming and nurturing.
Self Love
I have been hanging onto anger and sadness and have needed to release it in order to allow self love.
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