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Aware of My Reactions

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
Want to know what's inside of you? Begin to look at your reactions to life and you'll find out! Cheers!
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Aware of my reaction
I learned I am the only one that has been keeping myself from healing. I will work on becoming more aware and monitoring my reactions.
Aware of my Reactions
Tina, first I have to say “I love you”. You speak like you are talking right to me. I grab hold to every word you say. I love your spirit. If we lived closer, we would definitely be friends. I have had my heart broken into 1000 pieces lately by the person I mistakenly thought was my soul sister. I told her EVERYTHING!! She knew me inside & out. I loved her like I never loved another person & after a 40 year abusive marriage I thought she was my rock. With therapy & meds I’m working my way back to the true Linda I was before I married at 21 to leave an overbearing home life. She decided she liked the Linda under Jimmy’s control rather than the true me. She severed the friendship in front of my therapist. She then called a family meeting to inform ALL the family (including the kids) that they would no longer be seeing Ms. Linda anymore. I texted everyone of them individually to tell them I love them & not one answered me. Lesson learned….Don’t give your heart away. You’ll only be hurt in the end. Love you Tina💕💕
I want to be more aware of my reactions to things. I learned they can hinder my progress.
Belief system
I learned that my present reactions are a barrier to my goal of happiness and achieving what I strive for. I need to understand what my belief system is before I can take the steps to healing.